Puppies Behind Bars Donor Privacy Policy

Puppies Behind Bars is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors. We have developed this privacy policy to ensure our donors that donor information will not be shared with any third party. PBB provides this Donor Privacy Policy to make you aware of our policy, and to inform you of the way your information is used. We also provide you with the opportunity to remove your name from our mailing list if you desire to do so. We collect and maintain the following types of donor information:

  • contact information: name, organization, complete address, phone number, email address
  • payment information: credit card number and expiration date, and billing information
  • requests to receive periodic updates: e.g., to individuals who request it, we will send periodic mailings and/or e-mails related to specific fund-raising events or appeals, and newsletters.


Puppies Behind Bars uses your information to complete a transaction, communicate with you, and update you on our programs and events. Credit card numbers are used only for donation or payment processing and are not retained for other purposes.

Puppies Behind Bars will not sell, rent, or lease your personal information to other organizations. We assure you that the identity of all our donors will be kept confidential. Use of donor information will be limited to the internal purposes of Puppies Behind Bars.

It is our desire to eliminate mail or e-mail that our donors do not want to receive. Please contact us if you wish to be removed from our mailing list and/or e-mail list.

If you have comments or questions about our donor privacy policy, please send us an email at programs@puppiesbehindbars.com, or call us at 212.680.9562.

Make a Donation

Puppies Behind Bars is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, tax I.D. #13-3969389, and donations are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law.

You may make a one-time donation in any amount you wish, or sign up for recurring gifts on a schedule that works for you.

For gifts in honor or in memory of someone:

If your donation is made in someone’s memory or honor, we will send a card to the designated recipient(s) acknowledging your generous donation on their behalf.

Please include the recipient’s mailing address on the online form. You can view an example of one of our cards here.

Prefer to donate a different way?

PBB offers many ways for you support our mission, including by phone and mail, and with memorial and matching gifts.

Click here to find one that works for you!

In Memory of Barbara Gladstone

Adopting Albee, and then Noonan, changed Barbara Gladstone's life. And she, in turn, changed ours. The pain in our hearts upon her death is too immense to fathom.